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Government Contracts


Army Flight Simulator Pilot Training Services

The Rockhill Group, Inc. provides qualified personnel to conduct pilot training and evaluations on three simulators located on Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii.  The three simulators are the Synthetic Flight Training System (SFTS-UH60), Transportable Blackhawk Operations Simulator (TBOS-UH60M), and the Transportable Flight Proficiency Simulator (TFPS-CH47).  TRG pilots perform duties as Instrument Examiner (IE), Instructor Pilot (IP) and Instructor Operator (IO) to ensure operations and support of military units is uninterrupted.

Wheeler AAF, HI
Wheeler Army Airfield

Defense Energy Support Center Fuel Supply

The Rockhill Group, Inc. President, James Rockhill (as Contract Manager), was awarded a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) Fuel Supply Contract. Mr. Rockhill (as both Company President and DESC Contract Manager), supervised the complete installation and setup of the entire fuel-support chain. This DESC contract went from zero jet fuel provided to well over 30,000 gallons a month in support of United States Navy, Marine, Army, and Coast Guard flight operations. This critical service was lauded by several military awards and recognition.

Bay Minette, AL
Bay Minette Municipal Airport

FAA Contract Weather Offices

The Rockhill Group, Inc. provides services to the government at the following facilities which include, but are not limited to, observing weather conditions, provide weather forecast information, and augment the FAA’s Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) as well as requests for flight or mission planning weather, solar or lunar data, weather observations, climatological information, and aviator flight weather briefings. TRG accomplishes these services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (including all Federal holidays).

Florida: Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee, Tampa

Texas:  Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Dallas Love, El Paso, Ft. Worth Alliance, Houston Bush, Houston Hobby, Lubbock, San Antonio

Puerto Rico: San Juan

NOAA Weather Observation Services

The Rockhill Group, Inc. (TRG) provides all personnel that are certified by the National Weather Service (NWS) to take, document, and disseminate upper air radiosonde, Rawin-Rabal comparative observations at the observation site which meet a variety of needs and serve a variety of users. Upper Air observations are taken and coded for the operational use of meteorologists and hydrologists, as well as for international dissemination.

Quillayute, WA
Quillayute Airport

Navy Introductory Flight Screening

The Rockhill Group, Inc. (DBA Skywarrior) was awarded a Navy Introductory Flight Screening (IFS) Contract and created a flight school that became the largest Navy IFS School in the country graduating well over 1,000 Navy Ensigns. All aircraft, flight instructors, aircraft maintenance, ground and flight instruction, and aviation support was provided in support of Navy IFS.

Pensacola, FL
Pensacola International Airport

USAF Air and Ground Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Training Support

The Rockhill Group, Inc. (TRG) provides all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and all other items and services required to support MQ-1 and MQ-9 remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) with Air and Ground Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) training Support. TRG provides realistic training exercises for the war-fighter to include Opposing Forces (OPFOR), Friendly Forces (BLUFOR) and Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) support.

Holloman AFB, NM, Creech AFB, NV, Nellis AFB, NV, March ARB, CA and Hancock Field ANGB, NY

USAF Aircraft Lease and Maintenance Support

The Rockhill Group, Inc. supports the only Intelligence Squadron in the USAF that has aircraft assigned. TRG is entrusted with providing the USAF Intelligence Squadron with multiple aircraft, all management, supervision, personnel, equipment, supplies, transportation, tools, materials, and other items and non-personal services necessary to support vital squadron missions.

Beale AFB, CA
Beale Air Force Base

USAF Aircrew Instruction Support Services Contract

The Rockhill Group, Inc. (TRG) provides instructor support for the Air Force Special Operations Air Warfare Center’s (AFSOAWC) training operations. More specifically, TRG provides: fixed wing aircrew instruction, fixed wing flight instruction, remotely pilot aircraft (RPA) aircrew instruction, fixed wing simulator instruction, and weapon system leads for specific mission design series (MDS) aircraft or location.

Hurlburt Field, FL and Cannon AFB, NM

USAF Airfield Management Services (AMS)

The Rockhill Group, Inc. (TRG) provides professional, safe and effective AMS to the 14th Flying Training Wing (14 FTW), Columbus Air Force Base (CAFB), Mississippi and Gunshy Auxiliary Airfield. TRG maintains, examines and inspects CAFB and Gunshy Auxiliary Airfield to guarantee military and civilian customers a safe operating environment. TRG also conducts Airfield support activities in strict compliance with United States Air Force (USAF) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards mandating safety requirements for military air operations.

Columbus AFB, MS
Columbus Air Force Base

USAF Airfield Weather and Missile Launch Upper Air Support

The Rockhill Group, Inc. supports the USAF Space Command during all Vandenberg AFB Missile Launches. TRG is literally entrusted with all upper-air weather support services during Atlas and Delta Rocket launches carrying extremely expensive payloads into space. TRG also provides USAF aviation weather services and the required management, service and labor to ensure that surface and upper air observations are taken, documented, and disseminated to support the USAF Vandenberg Airfield and Space Command missile launches.

Vandenberg AFB, CA
Vandenberg Air Force Base

USAF Cryogenics Services for Naval District Washington Air Operations

The Rockhill Group, Inc. provides all cryogenic services for the Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, DC National Guard, Navy, Marine Corp, Army, etc. (to name but a few).  Services include but are not limited to: management and performance of all cryogenics services, maintain and operate cryogenic facilities, HAZMAT handling and training, maintain security clearances to include training, flight line services and quality assurance.

Joint Base Andrews, MD
Joint Base Andrews

USAF Helicopter Services

The Rockhill Group, Inc. provides management, aircrew, aircraft, equipment, etc. to support Government natural resource missions. Missions will include, but not limited to, fire suppression, fire monitoring, initial attack, prescribed fire and aerial ignition, law enforcement limited to non-threatening surveillance and reconnaissance, and other administrative related resource activities.

Eglin AFB, FL
Eglin Air Force Base

USAF MC-12 Contract Aircrew Training and Courseware Development

The Rockhill Group, Inc. supports the MC-12 Sensor Operator Initial Qualification Training Program. TRG is entrusted with providing the USAF with technical, non-personal services, aircraft, aircraft maintenance, pilots, instructors, training devices, all courseware materials, and any support labor, equipment and material necessary to enable United States Air Force (USAF) MC-12 Sensor Operator (SO) aircrew members to complete a technical training course that fully trains them to operate their MC-12 electro-optical viewing system and the associated equipment that is specified in the Air Force MC-12 Sensor Operator (SO) training task list (TTL).

Beale AFB, CA 
Beale Air Force Base

USAF Meteorological Services

The Rockhill Group, Inc. provides meteorological services for surface and upper air observations, mission execution forecasting, aircrew briefing , and staff weather support to the 412th Test Wing, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, transient aircrew, over 10 associate and tenant organizations at Edwards Air Force Base and the 25th Operational Weather Squadron (24 OWS) Weather Regional Hub, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Edwards AFB, CA 
Edwards Air Force Base

USAF Pilot Training Materials

The Rockhill Group Inc. provided the USAF with critically needed pilot training materials on short notice. These training materials were delivered accurately (almost 2,000 items in 8 different categories) and quickly (10 days after contract award). Execution of this contract demonstrated TRG’s flexibility and dependability.

Maxwell AFB, AL
Maxwell Air Force Base

USAF Simulator Console Operators

The Rockhill Group, Inc. provides real time Predator Mission Aircrew Training System/Simulator (PMATS) mission support to on-going simulator missions, including Emergency Procedure Exercises (EPEs), Launch and Recovery, Continuation Training (CT), regular syllabus missions, student practice missions, debriefs and VIP and/or guest demonstrations.  The Rockhill Group also provides administrative support for the 6th Reconnaissance Squadron and the 9th and 29th Attack Squadrons at Holloman AFB.

Holloman AFB, NM
Holloman Air Force Base

USAF Special Operations Air Warfare Center Training Support

The Rockhill Group, Inc. provides flight training courseware support for the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) at Hurlburt Field, FL.  TRG provides maintenance support for existing and newly developed courseware utilizing the existing courseware, including style, format, and Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) version as the baseline. As directed, courseware is redesigned and updated using the latest technology, innovations for Computer Based Instruction (CBI) and platform instruction using the standard Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process.

Hurlburt Field, FL
Hurlburt Field

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